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Do you know the life span of your mattress?

According to the experts, the mattress should last for 10 to 15 years. But with the experiences of people, a mattress can also fail to provide its services before 10 years. Now, what is the reason for this early death of a mattress? The lifespan and the durability of the mattress work in a parallel mode. Once the mattress lost its durability, it getting old and soon became dead for your sleep.

What are the reasons for the early death of the mattress?

There are so many reasons which can make your mattress useless for you. Shrinking is one of them. The basic design of each mattress allows it to turn into the shape of the body of the sleeper. And if a person is sleeping on the same place with the same position the mattress will start shrinking from that particular place and soon lost its firmness and will not be able to provide you comfort. Another reason is the mattress softness. The mattress softness is the reason for mattress death because once the mattress lost its softness it will become worthless. But both the things vary for the type of the mattress as well. Like the memory foam mattress will be affected these things easier than the other types of the foams.

Consider the warranty of the mattress before buying

Mostly the mattresses come with the warranty but some of the manufacturers do not provide a warranty. While purchasing a mattress ask the retailer for the mattress with a warranty. And read the warranty card carefully. The most important thing in your warranty card must be, the mattress should be replaced by the manufacturer if it will shrink within the limited period of time. Also if the base of the mattress will get disturbed naturally then the replacement should be offered by the manufacturer. Some manufacturer also provides extra warranty for the safety and marketing reasons so be careful while selecting your mattress.

So now you know what to take care of to maintain the mattress and increase its life span. Buy the best memory foam mattress topper with a suitable warranty period and make your sleep happy.